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How the Blue Bay Inn Increased Bookings by 18%

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When Blue Bay Inn General Manager Pam Levesque transitioned from a decade in the corporate retail industry to her new role at the Blue Bay Inn, she wasn’t worried about managing staff, keeping guests happy or ensuring the upkeep of the property – the one area that worried her was online marketing.

“When you’re working in corporate retail, the brand handles all the online marketing for you. But here, that’s all on me,” said Pam.

The Challenge: Managing the Property’s Digital Marketing

Blue Bay Inn brings a European charm to the New Jersey shore and Pam’s biggest challenge was figuring out how to best market this and everything else the property had to offer while also managing her hundreds of other duties in a given day.

“Because we’re a very small, boutique hotel, I wear lots of different hats – I could be working the desk, making reservations, checking rooms, training staff or hiring people. Lots of hotels have someone who handles the marketing or other Assistant Managers. We don’t. So marketing the property was my biggest and only challenge,” said Pam.

Increasing Revenue with a Visual-First Website

The first step was searching for an easy-to-use solution that would help Pam market the property to reach more travel shoppers and ultimately drive bookings. She turned to Vizlly, Leonardo’s Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System, to get the help she needed.

“I can’t say enough how helpful it’s been to have Leonardo help me build something that’s going to grow my business, like my new website,” said Pam.

Next, Pam knew that travel shoppers were viewing their website from mobile devices and would be quick to leave when they realized it wasn’t optimized.

“That was a huge benefit for us. Our old website was horrible on a smartphone and I knew so many people would say ‘just forget about it, I can’t use it’ and leave the site. Now it’s optimized and it’s really great to reach more people,” she said.

We’ve done $10,000 more revenue this year than last year and just this year so far, we are up 140 room nights. That’s huge for a small property with 27 rooms like us.”

Pam Levesque, General Manager at Blue Bay Inn

The Results: $10,000 in Increased Revenue and 18% Increase in Bookings

Within three months of launching their new desktop and mobile websites, Pam said the results speak for themselves. “We’ve done $10,000 more revenue this year than last year and just this year so far, we are up 140 room nights. That’s huge for a small property with 27 rooms like us – that’s 140 more people coming to stay with us and 100% I definitely attribute that to the new marketing we’re doing with Vizlly,” she said.

“One of the things we also did recently was join Expedia which has also helped but it’s the two together (our website and Expedia presence) that made the big difference. Last week, we had two ladies in from the city and I asked them how they heard about us and they said they found us on Expedia but then they dug into our website and really liked what they saw, so they booked,” said Pam.

Ongoing Support and Coaching “Invaluable”

When you’re a one-person marketing team, having someone answer your digital marketing questions can be invaluable – which is why Pam was so glad to hear that every Vizlly customer gets a dedicated Success Coach.

“I can’t say enough how great our Success Coach has been. The ongoing education and teachings have been so helpful. If I have any concerns or problems, she’s always very quick to get back to me and extremely helpful with any questions I have – I don’t always have time to spend on marketing so that ongoing education is a huge driving factor for me,” said Pam.

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