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How the Malibu Country Inn Increased Occupancy by 15% in 30 Days

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The Malibu Country Inn is a tranquil retreat in western Malibu, overlooking popular Zuma Beach and the Santa Monica Mountains.

Adis Yanikian, the property’s General Manager, is no stranger to the beach: he grew up in California and spent plenty of time enjoying the sun and surf before settling down at the Malibu Country Inn. Armed with his business degree and plenty of experience working at hotels, he was faced with the task of improving the Malibu Country Inn’s online marketing.

The hotel’s gorgeous location is the ideal spot for travelers craving a relaxing getaway; and its fully-equipped rooms, popular on-site restaurant, and heated pool help to make guests feel at home. Despite these perks, Adis still faced a common challenge: he didn’t have the tools to properly communicate his hotel’s story to travel shoppers. His outdated website was built and maintained by an agency that was charging a lot of money and wasn’t helping him increase occupancy or drive direct bookings.

The Problem: A Website That Wasn’t Driving Bookings and Was Impossible to Update and Maintain

This property has many unique features, but it was a challenge to get travel shoppers to see that on its old website, which was not easily or frequently updated. Their previous website didn’t give Adis the design options and flexibility that he needed. “We were not happy with the website’s designer and did not have any maintenance for about one year,” Adis says.

After undergoing a renovation that upgraded the guest rooms, Adis was finding it difficult to market the hotel to travel shoppers. The hotel looked amazing, but unfortunately it didn’t have a website that reflected its fresh look and feel. Guests loved the hotel’s updated rooms and laid-back Malibu vibe; but, Adis wanted more travel shoppers to know what they could expect when staying at the inn, because that would ultimately help drive bookings. He was looking for a better way to manage his digital marketing.


The Solution: Leveraging Technology to Lower Costs and Improve Performance

Adis chose Vizlly, a complete and easy-to-use cloud based Digital Marketing System that gave him a better way to manage his hotel’s digital marketing. With Vizlly, he was able to build a visually-driven website that represents his hotel and is focused on the content travel shoppers look for when shopping for hotels. “It was a no brainer,” he says. “Vizlly stood out because the appearance of the website was great. Also, it was at the right price point and there’s great customer service.”

With his Vizlly website, Adis is able to showcase the renovated, fully-equipped rooms that are an important draw to his property. “Now we have a website that proves what we have [to offer guests],” he says. Guests can easily choose the right room for their needs with the helpful ‘Compare Room Selections’ feature, and they can easily Check Availability and book directly from the Vizlly website. Plus, Adis chose to use Munro, one of Vizlly’s responsive website themes, which means that his website looks great no matter what device a travel shopper is using – smartphone, tablet or desktop.

His digital marketing strategy goes beyond his website. Adis installed Vizlly’s Apps on his hotel’s Facebook page, to increase engagement with the many travel shoppers who are using social media to research and book travel. These interactive apps allow Facebook fans to view room and property details, and even check rates directly from Facebook.


“Vizlly stood out because the appearance of the website was great. Also, it was at the right price point and there’s great customer service.”

Adis Yanikian, General Manager at Malibu Country Inn

The Result: More Direct Bookings and Increased Occupancy by 15% in 30 Days

Malibu Country Inn’s new Vizlly website is attracting a lot of positive attention. Now that the hotel is properly showcasing their rooms and unique features, travel shoppers are noticing. Only one month after going live with its Vizlly website, the Malibu Country Inn increased its occupancy by 15%. When you consider this occupancy increase over the course of a year, Adis is looking at a projected 89 times the return on his investment (ROI) and upwards of $129,150 in additional revenue per year!

Adis says, “The hotel is getting a lot more interest. When we refer the guests to the hotel’s website, they seem to like what they see and give us a call back to reserve.” This demand will ultimately assist with Adis’ ability to raise the property’s ADR in the future: “I now see a potential in raising our rates,” Adis says.

The Malibu Country Inn’s new website is also driving direct bookings at a higher rate than their previous website. “Our direct bookings are a lot more frequent now with the new website,” Adis says. His website has a conversion rate of 25%, which means a quarter of all people who visit his site are accessing the booking engine directly. This is in addition to the calls he receives after a shopper visits the website. The ability to book directly on the site and the abundance of striking visuals – which tell the hotel’s story and provide travel shoppers with the info they need – are helping to drive these direct bookings.


The Added Bonus: “Great and Knowledgeable Advice and Service”

Adis was frustrated by the lack of support from his previous web designer – in fact, he hadn’t made a website update in over a year! He now enjoys nonstop guidance from a dedicated CHDM and Google Analytics certified Success Coach, which comes with every Vizlly subscription. He cites the excellent customer service he is receiving as one of the reasons why he is so happy he chose Vizlly in the first place.

Adis is a busy guy running a hotel, and doesn’t want the agony of managing a designer or agency – history told him that takes way too much time. Subscribing to a Digital Marketing System that is easy to use and gives him access to a Success Coach has reduced the time he needs to spend on digital marketing. His Success Coach helped him get his website live so that he could properly market his hotel to travel shoppers. Moving forward, his Success Coach will be there to guide him as he adds new Vizlly features and makes changes or updates to his website.

The Malibu Country Inn is a great example of a property that knows how to leverage their location: the stunning landscape of western California is enough to draw any travel shopper. Plus, their beautiful grounds and homey rooms practically guarantee a perfect stay. They just needed a better way to manage their digital marketing – and now they have that, with Vizlly.

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