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How Scott’s Inn & Restaurant Increased Occupancy by 12% and Decreased Marketing Costs by 37.5%

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December 2014

Scott’s Inn & Restaurant, located in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, is right in the heart of the adventure seeker’s wonderland. The 52-room property is proud to be family-run for over 30 years.

Like many small properties, the property doesn’t have a large marketing budget to spend on reaching new travel shoppers and showing them everything they have to offer.

The Challenge: Decrease Marketing Spend and Increase Results

They were looking for a way to decrease the amount of money they were spending on online marketing while also seeing better results – namely, increased direct bookings on their website. “We were spending a ton of money on marketing. We paid thousands to create our website and then every time I wanted to make a change, I had to pay an hourly fee plus hundreds in monthly maintenance fees. If I wanted to change a picture, I had to send an email to a third-party. It was such a headache. Plus with competition so high these days, we wanted our properties to stand out more with a better website,” said Percy Amaria, Director of Operations of Percy Amaria Group, who handles the online marketing for Scott’s Inn & Restaurant and Vernon Inn & Suites.

The Solution: Vizlly, an Easy-to-Use, Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System

Percy subscribed to Vizlly, Leonardo’s Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System, to create new websites, mobile websites, social media apps and digital brochures for third-party travel websites. “We’re an independent property. We don’t have a big budget to spend on websites and marketing. With Vizlly, we saved quite a bit of money. Our cost to maintain our website has dropped dramatically, from hundreds of dollars a month to literally zero. We’re also in control now. We don’t have to depend on some third-party to update our website for us,” said Percy.

Overall, our summer occupancy is up 12% since switching to Vizlly. Before, groups didn’t see what we had to offer, like our kitchens and stove-tops in some rooms. Our old website didn’t show that. Now, our new website does and we’re seeing the results.”

Percy Amaria, Director of Operations of Percy Amaria Group

Increasing Occupancy by 12%

Using Vizlly, Percy is better able to showcase everything the property has to offer. By giving travel shoppers the content they were looking for, he’s increased conversions on their websites, resulting in increased bookings. “Overall, our summer occupancy is up 12% since switching to Vizlly. We also have more group bookings – before, groups didn’t see what we had to offer, like our kitchens and stove-tops in some rooms. Our old website didn’t show that. Now, our new website does and we’re seeing the results,” said Percy.

Enhancing Their Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest differences Percy has noticed since transitioning to Vizlly is improved search engine rankings. Currently, approximately 50% of his website traffic is organic, which has helped increase direct bookings – so much so that they’ve cut their online advertising costs by 37.5%. “We can spend less on PPC (pay-per-click advertising) now because the website is doing so much more for us,” he said.

Showcasing Their Unique Features, Including Their Restaurant

Travel shoppers come to Scott’s Inn & Restaurant for the mouth-watering home-cooked meals – the restaurant is even a top local attraction. Thanks to their new visually-driven website, they can better showcase their restaurant and give travel shoppers another reason to choose their property over the competition. “I know one thing for sure: the owners told me sales of the restaurant have gone up by 15 to 18% and that’s because of many things we do like advertisements but definitely Vizlly too,” he said.

Reaping Success

“The owners are extremely happy. The dollars are coming in and we’re saving money. And I look good. This is a very good platform, especially for small hotels – it’s the only platform for small properties like us.” Start seeing success like Percy – book a free consultation today.

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