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How the Ashley Inn and Suites Increased Occupancy by 14%

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The Ashley Inn and Suites Lincoln City is a 75-room independent hotel in Lincoln City, Oregon. Like many hotels, their biggest challenge is increasing direct bookings and improving occupancy during non-peak times.

Within just 18 days of implementing Vizlly’s features – including creating a new hotel website – the property saw a 14% increase in occupancy, more than tripling their ROI. At this pace, by year’s end, Vizlly will produce a 75 times return on investment.

Meet Our Digital Marketing Hero: Ron Wallace

Ron Wallace, General Manager at the Ashley Inn & Suites, has been working in the hospitality industry for 10 years. In addition to handling day-to-day responsibilities, accounting, and payroll, he’s focused on increasing bookings across the property’s direct and indirect sales channels, from their hotel website and mobile sites to third-party travel sites such as Meta Search sites and OTAs.

He used Vizlly to create a new hotel website, mobile sites, social media apps and digital brochures for third-party travel websites.


The Results: Increased Occupancy by 14%

After less than a month since creating his new Vizlly website, as well as implementing the other Vizlly features, Ron saw a 14% increase in occupancy but estimates it will actually skyrocket past 20%.

“We’re supposed to have a 3.5-4% increase in this area because of the market right now – and if I’m expecting that and wound up with 14%, increasing towards 20% by the end of the month, it’s not the market increase that did that. I’ve never seen as dramatic results in the first 18 days as I have with Vizlly.”

The Power of a Well-Designed Website

Ron attributes three key things to his success: the visual-first website which places his hotel’s visual content front and center; having a booking widget on every page of his website and mobile sites; and the site’s TripAdvisor integration that makes it easy for guests to write and read reviews. “When you go to our website now, the visual content tells the story. In the past, we had some people complain about the complexity of booking – now the booking link is on every page of the site. The TripAdvisor review integration lets guests review us without leaving the page. That’s worth its weight in gold,” he said.


“Vizlly has been a godsend to us. In the first 18 days with Vizlly, I’ve sold 140 more room nights than this time last year. I’ve made an extra $13,500 in revenue. 16 of those 18 days we have exceeded what we had the previous year, in terms of occupancy and revenue. And it’s because of Vizlly.”

Ron Wallace, General Manager of The Ashley Inn and Suites Lincoln City


Driving Mobile Bookings

Prior to creating his own mobile website with Vizlly, the property had a responsive mobile website but he said it was difficult to make a reservation and the booking engine wasn’t displayed prominently. In just 18 days since launching Vizlly’s adaptive optimized mobile site, he’s also seen a significant rise in mobile bookings.

“Looking at a day that’s usually a dull day, normally I’d get a few reservations. Let me just pick a random Tuesday from last week. I had 22 reservations made on that day and out of them, about half were arriving the same day. And they’re staying one night – this is a resort area, our business is weekend. What this means to me is these are people traveling through the area, not planning on doing anything other than staying the night. They’re checking us out on-the-go on our mobile site,” said Ron.


The Right Value for the Right Price

The property has been thrilled with the results of Vizlly so far and the return on their investment. “Our owner was really sold on the cost too – he liked that he could get all these different things for the same price of what he was paying for just a website before,” said Ron. “I would absolutely recommend it – just not to other hotels in Lincoln City!”

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