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How TOP International Leveraged Leonardo’s Multimedia Galleries to Improve User Experience and Reduce Website Maintenance Costs.

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TOP International was founded in 1982 with the goal of uniting individual (non-branded) hotel properties under one umbrella in order to benefit from centralized sales, marketing, and reservation initiatives. Fast forward to today, TOP International now works with 300 of the best independent hotels across Europe. But even the most successful companies are not without their challenges.

The Challenge: Maintaining visual content on their corporate website was becoming a burden, taking too much time and costing too much money.

TOP International’s website not only showcases their amazing properties to travel shoppers, but it’s also used by their sales team as a way to demonstrate their services to independent hotels looking for support without the restrictions of becoming a branded hotel.

Therefore it is crucial that the look and user experience of the website matches the high level support TOP International provides to their member hotels.

Unfortunately managing the visual content on their website was beginning to consume a huge amount of time and manpower. “In the past for our website we just uploaded any pictures the hotels were sending us because they were requesting it” explains TOP International’s COO, Marcus Klar.

Each update would require a lengthy process of resizing, uploading, and editing text, taking up to half a day to complete, and hotels were regularly requesting new updates. Add it all up and 2 months each year were being spent updating images. What once seemed like a small task was snowballing into a bigger issue that was taking resources away from more urgent projects.

The Solution: Fully customizable Multi-Media Galleries that match brand standards and pulls content from a central digital asset management platform

TOP International has worked with Leonardo since 2015 using the VScape Digital Asset Management Platform to help their member hotels manage and distribute their visual content across the most comprehensive syndication network in the hospitality industry.

Recognizing how easy Leonardo made image distribution to third party travel sites, Marcus reached out to his Account Manager to see if there was a solution that could not only help improve the quality of visual content on their website, but also reduce the time spent maintaining their website.

The Solution, Leonardo’s Multi-Media Display Galleries, allows TOP International to display each of their properties’ high-quality visual content with quick load times and automatic formatting that ensures optimal presentation across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

“Leonardo is the perfect mix of technology and people. Giving somebody access to our own website is a huge matter of trust and confidence in a partner. This is the reason we’re working with Leonardo.”

Marcus Klar, COO, TOP International

The galleries have been customized to ensure they match TOP International’s brand standards, creating a seamless user experience for travel shoppers and prospective hotels alike.

“What we have right now looks 100% customized only for TOP International Hotels and that’s really cool! It completely fits the look and feel of our website” explains Marcus.

The Benefits: Improved user experience and brand consistency that aids business development, while reducing the time and money spent on website maintenance.

With an improved user experience that matches their brand standards, TOP International’s website can now be used by their sales team as a business development tool to attract new hotels to the TOP International family.

“Now I can frankly say to a hotel interested in joining TOP International, ‘go to our website and take a look at this hotel and that hotel.’ And I know that they will look good. That’s definitely an improvement on the business development side” says Marcus.

Best of all, Leonardo’s Multi-Media Display Galleries have reduced the time TOP International needs to spend maintaining their website. Through the VScape platform, hotels can update which images, videos, or 360 tours they want displayed on the corporate site, dramatically reducing the amount of time and energy spent maintaining the website.

“We have seen a massive drop in terms of resources and manpower we need to dedicate to maintaining our website. It used to take about half a day to update a single hotel property, thanks to Leonardo, that’s down to a matter of minutes and time is money.”

“I said we need to have the Leonardo logo and link in there, because I want to show customers and our hotels that we are not playing with some small company based in some garage somewhere in the world. We’re playing with the biggest one in the industry.”

Marcus Klar, COO, TOP International

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