How Worldhotels Uses Visual Content to Build Trust with Travel Shoppers

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For nearly half a century, Worldhotels has brought together some of the world’s most unique independent hotels, connecting 32 million guests every year with authentic and local experiences in over 200 destinations around the world.

The Challenge: To maintain a recognizable brand image and build trust with travel shoppers while communicating the properties unique stories.

Therefore, it is important to understand the power of visuals for communicating the distinct experiences offered at these luxury hotel properties.

“Visual content marketing is more successful than any other form of communication,” says Markus Müller, VP Global Sales, Worldhotels, “According to psychologist Albert Mehrabian, 93% of all communication is nonverbal, so what we see has a profound effect on what we do, how we feel, and who we are. How a brand uses visuals will greatly impact how the business is perceived.”

Recognizing the value of engaging visual content is the first step, but hotel chains face the challenge of sustaining control over hundreds of properties.

“One of the biggest challenges for hotel groups and service providers is maintaining brand consistency. A recognizable brand makes you more dependable in the eyes of the guests and creates trust,” says Markus.

How does Worldhotels, a luxury brand with 350 hotel properties across 50 countries, strike a balance of brand consistency and unique visual storytelling at the same time? That’s where Leonardo’s VScape Digital Asset Management comes in.

The Solution: Centralized content management through Leonardo’s VScape Digital Asset Management System.

Worldhotels subscribes to the full Leonardo solution, including Multi-Media Website Galleries, Private Digital Library, the Workflow and Approval Engine and image distribution to third party channels.

“At Worldhotels we use the complete Leonardo solution and it helps us greatly. We’re able to monitor content and optimize processes by centralizing them. Our brand has created a close relationship with Leonardo as a partner, saved time and money, and experienced great results for our multi-channel brand efforts and consistency across all channels,” says Markus.

By using the Workflow and Approval Engine, Worldhotels maintains control over their individual hotels’ media before it is published to third party travel channels; ensuring brand standards are always met.

Leonardo’s Multi-Media Display Galleries enable Worldhotels to display each of their properties’ high-quality content with quick load times and beautiful integration on Seamless display consistent across all properties provides travel shoppers with a positive online experience, building confidence and ultimately driving bookings.

The Private Digital Library makes media sharing easy by allowing Worldhotels to choose who has access to their image library. Publishers, agencies and members of the media can be provided with controlled access to brand approved visual content, ensuring the brand image is consistent even on external channels.

Worldhotels’ brand approved content is also distributed to the VNetwork, the most extensive network of travel websites in the global travel industry. The VNetwork helps Worldhotels build brand recognition on the many channels that travel shoppers use to book online including major OTAs as well as many non-OTA travel research sites.

Our brand has created a close relationship with Leonardo as a partner, saved time and money, and experienced great results for our multi-channel brand efforts and consistency across all channels.

Markus Müller, VP Global Sales, Worldhotels

The Benefits: Brand consistency, centralized management and increased trust with travel shoppers.

By using the suite of features from Leonardo, Worldhotels is able to approve the properties visual content before it is distributed to the VNetwork, store everything in the Private Digital Library, and display content beautifully in the Multi-Media Galleries.

The brand is able to monitor whether content meets brand standards, control who has access to the Library, and ensure the online experience is optimal for travel shoppers. This is a winning combination for increasing brand recognition, building trust, and driving bookings.

Worldhotels also has access to Leonardo’s industry insights and guidance, helping the brand to follow best practices and reach success.

“As our long-time partner and a specialist in the visual content distribution sector, and especially for the hotel industry, Leonardo has the knowledge and experience to advise us on best practices, suggest action plans and help us carry them out,” says Markus.

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