Hotel Marketing Strategies

Hospitality marketing strategies, ideas and resources to improve your hotel digital marketing strategy and help you better market your property online.




Get in the Know About SoMo (Social Media and Mobile)

How to Build a Winning Social Media Strategy for Your Hotel

The Science Behind A High-Performing Hotel Website

4 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2017

Let Me Take a Selfie: Traveling and Sharing the Experience

Let’s Book It! Winning the Hotel Booking

Making a List and Checking It Twice: Research, Planning and Validation

A World of Pure Imagination: Searching for Travel Inspiration

5 Best Practice Tips to Increase Direct Bookings

Embracing Mobility: How to Build a Mobile Website That Converts

Content Marketing Strategies for Your Website

Strategies to Thrive in Today’s Complex Travel Shopping Journey

How to Improve Purchase Intent, Website Conversion and SEO

Playbook for Creating, Managing & Measuring a Website

Drive Bookings with Intelligent Content

5 Strategies to Slash Marketing Spend & Ramp Up Revenue

Digital Marketing Strategies to Capture More Direct Bookings

How to Rank on Page #1 in Google Search Results

Should You Build Your Own or License Your Website?

4 Steps to Win Business from Your Competitors

Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working (And How to Fix It)

Social Media Tips for the Advanced Hotel Marketer

How to Create a Top Performing B&B Website

2016 Predictions in Hospitality Digital Marketing

The Clear Path to Conversions

How to Improve Your B&B Website and Drive More Bookings

How to Convert Website Visitors into Guests

How a Rich and Engaging Mobile Website Drives Bookings

How Our 2015 Hospitality Marketing Predictions Have Shaped Up

Why Visual is the New Verbal

7 Steps to Hospitality Storytelling Success

TripAdvisor Tell-All: How to Use Reviews to Drive Bookings

The Rise of Mobile

Finding Your Hotel Story: 7 Tips

Creating Visually-Compelling Websites That Drive Bookings

Evaluating Your Website’s SEO

SEO Basics For Your Hotel Website

Beginner’s Guide to SEO for Hotels

The 4 Most Important Marketing Trends for B&B Innkeepers

How To Get More Value From Twitter, Vine and Facebook

How to Tell a Compelling Story on Instagram: A Cheat Sheet

How to Tell a Compelling Story with Video: A Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheets for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Video

Enhance your social media presence with expert tips in our Cheat Sheets for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Video.

Getting The Business Traveler To Choose You

Social Media’s Influence on the Travel Shopping Journey

Successful Targeting: A Lookbook

Everything You Need to Know About Targeting Your Ideal Guest

Content Marketing 101 for Hotels

Getting Started with Content Marketing

Content Marketing 101 for Hotels: What, Why and How

The 4 Most Important Hotel Marketing Trends for 2015

How to Deal With Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Challenges

What Every Smart Hotelier Must Know About Web Marketing

Big, Bold, Visual: What You Need to Know About Hotel Marketing in 2015

How to Tell a Compelling Story on Twitter: A Cheat Sheet

The Most Important Hotel Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015

The Rise of SoMo

Learning From Google’s 2014 Traveler Study

How to Tell a Compelling Hotel Story on Facebook: A Cheat Sheet

Targeting the New Bleisure (Business and Leisure) Traveler

Do’s and Don’ts of Telling Your Hotel Story on Mobile

Top 10 Best Practices to Make the Most of Social & Mobile

Creating Online Content that Converts Travel Shoppers

Best Practice Storytelling on 3rd Party Travel Channels

Mobilizing Hotel Storytelling to Reach Travel Shoppers

Traveling Across Screens: How Consumers Research & Book Hotels

Let’s Talk Targeting: Reaching the Desired Hotel Customer Segments

Secrets to Social Storytelling: Using Visuals to Tell Your Hotel Story

Best Practices: Multi-Media Guidelines for Hotel Marketers

Let’s Talk Targeting – Volume 2: The Business Traveler

Let’s Talk Targeting – Volume 1: The Millennial Traveler

The Who What Where When Why and How of Hotel Video

Destination Website: Drive More Direct Bookings with Visuals

Reaching And Engaging Travelers During The Shopping Journey

Let’s Get Visual: The Power of Telling Your Hotel’s Story Through Video

Five Steps to Transforming Your Hotel’s Online Presence With Video

Find Success in 2014: A Webinar for Hotel Marketers

Digital Marketing Strategies For Hotel Marketers In 2014

Do’s and Don’ts of Telling Your Hotel’s Story on OTAs

Step Up Your Hotel’s Visual Storytelling on Social Media

How to Tell Your Story on Social Channels

The Online Road to Reservations

Maximizing Your Mobile Presence: A Total Optimization Checklist

A Playbook for Amplifying Your Hotel’s Story on Social Media

Creating Visually Compelling Website Experiences: A Scorecard

How Improving Your Look on OTAs Can Drive More Direct Bookings

4 Lessons on How to Amplify Your Story Online with OTAs

Benefits of a Marvelous Mobile Site: Why Hotels Need to be Optimized

Anatomy of a Visual First Website Experience: Best Practices

Text heavy websites have been replaced by engaging, graphic web interfaces. Give travel shoppers an unforgettable experience on your website and follow the visual-first trend that is taking digital marketing by storm. Download this e-book to learn how to turn visuals into stories on your website and appeal to travel shoppers online.

Make Your Hotel Shine Online: Shift to a Visual Experience

How to Tell Your Hotel’s Story with Video

Attracting More Guests Through the Power of Visual Storytelling

Amplifying Your Hotel’s Story: A Tool-Kit for Hotel Marketers

How Mobile Devices Are Changing How We Market To Shoppers

Boost Bookings: Learn How to Use VBrochure to Tell Your Hotel’s Story

Six Critical Mobile Optimization Tactics Every Hotelier Should Know

Marketing to Business Travelers: Art & Science of Visual Storytelling

Corporate Travel: Getting the Business Traveler to Choose You

Get Social: How To Use Social Media To Tell Your Hotel’s Story

The Hoteliers Ultimate Guide to Visual Storytelling on Social Media

From Standout Social Media to Marvelous Mobile Marketing

Total Mobile Website Optimization: 8 Essential Elements

Understanding the Travel Shopping Journey

3 Step Guide to Increasing Bookings on Corporate Channels

Tapping into Tablet: How Hotels Can Optimize their Web Presence

7 Must-Haves for a Great Mobile Hotel Website

Guide to Telling Your Hotel’s Story on Facebook Timeline

A Best Practices Guide to a Mobile Website for Hoteliers

Five Things Every Hotel Marketer Needs to Know about Facebook

Three Musts for Every Hotel Marketer’s Tool-Kit

Smart Hotels are Optimizing for Smartphones

Accelerate Your Hotel Booking with Corporate Travelers

Improving Conversions Starts with Reaching and Engaging Consumers

What Travelers Experience When They Walk Through Your Digital Door

Exploring the Convoluted Path to Conversion

Online Travel Content is in Need of a Makeover

Want to Attract More Online Shoppers? Tell Your Story With Video

Discover the Difference a Rich Visual Experience Makes

How Visual Merchandising Drives More Bookings

Essentials of Excellent Hotel Videos

Hotel E-Business Survey

How to Use Online Video to Increase Conversions

How Smart Hoteliers Are Engaging Today’s Travelers, Driving Bookings

How Hoteliers Can Enhance Their Online Presence

Visuals in Online Hotel Research and Booking Behavior

Rich Media and the Future of Travel Distribution