Gain access to the industry’s largest hotel media library

Features rich visual content from major global chains representing over 50,000 hotel properties from around the world.

Advanced XML connectivity options

With over 170 different XML connections with the world’s leading travel websites, Leonardo is the most trusted source for standard and custom XML connectivity integrations for static content. Integrations correspond to HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation) and Open Travel Alliance standards and can be synchronized with third party databases on an inbound or outbound configuration.

Automated matching

Property file matching of all common hotels between travel website and Leonardo’s database of hotels is performed using Leonardo’s M2 algorithm and maintained through proprietary or GDS code synchronization. Updates to property files are done regularly and synchronized with GDS listings. Content is automatically matched with hotel listings on your website.

De-duplication capability

Both advanced algorithms and manual validations are used to identify duplicate images. Ensure accuracy of content and minimize rogue image issues.

Delivers images in multiple sizes and formats

Provides over 14 different formats and sizes, ensuring the most appropriate sized images are served based on how the consumer is accessing the web page (device, bandwidth, etc.). The net benefit is optimized quick page load times. Make updates easy, automated, resized, and delivered on time according to your channel and device requirements for maximum visual impact.

Reliable issue resolution process

Leonardo’s enterprise engagement group provides implementation, training and technical support backed by our team of Level 1 and 2 technical support agents and ensures every integration runs smoothly.

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