A Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System that makes it easy to create and publish websites, mobile websites, social media apps and digital brochures for third party travel channels.

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Websites That Drive Direct Bookings

Create your very own website and tell compelling stories about your property’s rooms, promotion and unique features – built to increase conversions on your direct booking channels.

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"When I heard about Vizlly, it almost sounded too good to be true. This is a $15,000-$20,000 website that we’ve gotten for a fraction of the price and we’re getting a better product. It makes me look like a rock star."

Bernard Augustin, Assistant General Manager at J House Greenwich

Increase Bookings With Mobile Optimized Websites

Create smartphone and tablet websites and give shoppers a seamless, multi-media rich experience. Vizlly’s mobile optimized websites are designed and built to mobile best practices and have received the “Mobile-Friendly” label from Google helping you rank higher in mobile search results.

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Get More ROI from Social Media

Engage travel shoppers with compelling stories about your property on Facebook and turn your page into a booking conversion tool.

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Reach and Engage Millions of Travel Shoppers

Improve your bookings with visual stories across the travel industry’s leading syndication network.

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"Vizlly has been a godsend to us. In the first 18 days with Vizlly, I’ve sold 140 more room nights than this time last year. 16 of those 18 days we have exceeded what we had the previous year."

Ron Wallace, General Manager at The Ashley Inn and Suites Lincoln City


With Vizlly’s reporting and analytics capabilities, you can track where and what consumers are engaging with, identify your top stories and channels and strategize accordingly.

One Stop Shop

Vizlly’s web-based application makes it easy for you to manage your property’s content and digital marketing all in one place. This striking, intuitive platform is the very essence of visual storytelling.

"We've increased bookings by 18%. We’ve done $10,000 more revenue this year than last year and just this year so far, we are up 140 room nights. That’s huge for a small property with 27 rooms like us."

Pam Levesque, General Manager at Blue Bay Inn

Dedicated Success Coach

Vizlly customers receive a CHDM-certified Success Coach who will use their training and knowledge to ensure you make the most of Vizlly, see the results you expect and improve your digital marketing expertise. You’ll also gain access to Leonardo’s Customer Community – a knowledge base containing best practices, how-to guides, training videos and more – all provided to maximize your success.

Trusted Technology

Vizlly’s cloud-based technology ensures that your property’s story is powered, supported and displayed using today’s most advanced technology for a fast, seamless experience 24/7.

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