Enterprise Class Digital Asset Management for Hotel eMarketers

Leonardo’s VScape Digital Asset Management System helps hotel chains organize digital media assets such as pictures, images, and video for storage, retrieval and distribution to the world’s largest network of travel websites, their own brand sites, internal departments and third party vendors. Beyond just an asset repository, VScape provides support for key workflows, such as approval loops, and content creation tools, like Rooms Type Engine and a Private Digital Library. And when assets are published, VScape’s distribution capabilities can deploy the right file(s) to the right channel to VNetwork, the world’s largest network of travel websites – all on a global basis.

Industry standard

Used by world’s largest hotel chains managing visual content for over 100,000 GDS listed hotels across tens of thousands of travel and brand websites.

Trusted technology

On Demand, Software as a Service (SaaS), for access anywhere and anytime.

Complete end-to-end solution

Keep it simple with one stop for sourcing, curation, publishing, distribution and display of digital assets and visual content.

Largest syndication network

Syndicate visual content and match it to hotel listings on tens of thousands of websites and electronic channels that consumers use to research, shop and buy hotel accommodations online. Learn more about VNetwork »

Display visual content

Using advanced media display technology and content delivery, display visual content in the most effective way possible on brand.com and mobile sites and apps. Learn more about Multi-Media Galleries »

Private Digital Library

Provides access to hotel content to outside vendors, media and globally distributed staff from any web browser. Learn more about the Private Digital Library »

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