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User & Property Management



Access & User Management

No. of Users per Organization Unlimited Unlimited
Manage Users / Create Users
User Permissions

Org. Level
Standard Set
Custom Permissions/Roles
User Permissions at Property and Group Level

Property Management

Seamless Login Through Brand Internet* Optional Optional
Support for Dormant & Pre-Opening Properties
Chain Property & Code Mapping
Customizable Property Tree and Property Groups

By Chain Code Only
GDS Property Mapping
IDS Property Mapping

*Seamless login option includes: Unlimited users and Basic standard set of permissions at the user organization level, property level and group level.

Media Management



Supported Assets

Virtual Tours

Formats: JPG, QT, Flash
Custom Content  
Text Associated with Media Items  

Media Management

Individual Image Upload
Single Hotel Multi Image Upload
Individual Video & Virtual Tour Upload  
Media Categorization by OTA Categories
Media Categorization by Customer OTA Sub Categories
Media Categorization by Non OTA Custom Categories   **
Ability to Associate Single Media Items with Multiple Properties
Basic English Media Metadata

Caption and Category
Full English Media Metadata

Short and Long Descriptions, Key words, etc.
Multi-language Media Metadata

Caption and Category
Multi-language Full English Media Metadata

Short and Long Descriptions, Key words, etc.
Basic Media Edit

Edit Metadata, Update, Archive, Delete
Media Asset Seasonality & Date Range
Media Asset Expiration Date
Auto-Cropped Image Versioning
Image Sequencing
Media Approval Workflow Engine   Optional
Basic Media Download

Download of Original Source Media
Download of Edited/Custom Cropped Images

**Not available for distribution.

Textual Descriptions & Amenities

Basic Property Descriptions

Name & Description
Association of Room Types to Images

Asset Storage

Storage of Source Media
Amount of Storage Included

Source Media
50 MB / Hotel 100 MB / Hotel
Additional Storage Optional Optional
Storage of Deleted Items and Undeleted

30 days




Media & Text Syndication

Image Syndication
Maximum No. of Images Distributed to GDSs

Per Hotel
Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum No. of Images Distributed to Other VNetwork Channels Unlimited Unlimited
Option to Purchase Additional Images for Distribution Optional NA
Selective Media Distribution to Channels in VNetwork

Display Technology



Media Hosting & Display On Brand.Com (and other Chain channels)

Standard Website Image Galleries

Includes Hosting
Maximum Bandwidth Consumed per Month per Hotel NA 1 GB
Multi-Media Hosted on Brand Website   Optional
Mobile-Smartphone Optimized Media Gallery Optional
Mobile-Tablet Optimized Media Gallery   Optional
Rooms Type “Thumbnail” Gallery Optional
Rooms Type Media Gallery   Optional
Private Digital Librarywith PDL User Registration Optional
Hosting on Chain Own CDN   Optional

StoryMaker (Content Creation)

Rooms Type Engine & Creation Wizard   Optional

Custom Integrations



Batch Content Uploading, Custom Integrations, Customizations

Standard Batch Content Loader

Weekly Updates

User Defined Frequency
Standard API Integration with Chain CMS Optional Optional
Access Content via Standard Web Services

Weekly Updates

User Defined Frequency
Custom Fields/Functionality Optional
Text Translation Integration   Optional

Management & Analytics



Tracking, Reporting & Analytics

System Change Tracking & Reporting
Media Inventory Reports
Media Views Analytics – Chain Channels  

Services & Support




Self-Serve Support
Telephone Support
Email Support

2 Business Days

1 Business Day

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