Distribute media to the most extensive network of travel websites

With direct connectivity to all four GDSs and 170+ channels – plus tens of thousands of forward distribution channels.

Automated Matching

Using GDS codes our systems automatically match visual content with hotel listings on tens of thousands of websites.

De-Duplication Capability

Advanced algorithms identify duplicate images. Ensure accuracy of content and minimize rogue image issues.

Network of Distribution Channels

Plus tens of thousands of forward distribution channels within network covering all 4 GDSs, major OTAs as well as many non-OTA travel research sites.

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Delivers Images in Multiple Sizes & Formats

Provides over 14 different formats and sizes, ensuring quick page load times. Make updates easy, automated, resized, and delivered on time according to channel and device requirements for maximum visual impact.

Reliable Issue Resolution Process

We understand visual content management, display and distribution. We understand the complexity of GDS and OTA distribution. VFM Leonardo provides dedicated services including training, technical support, and help desk to keep you on track and moving forward.

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