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4 Steps to Win Business from Your Competitors

Meet Our Speakers

Randy Howat

Vice President, Inns of Distinction

Elana Palmer

VP, Global Sales, Leonardo

Darlene Rondeau

VP Best Practices, Online Merchandising, Leonardo


Interested in shifting market share to increase bookings and occupancy? What about showing more value to improve your ADR?

Our webinar reveals the four key elements that will help you accomplish these goals. Additionally, you’ll hear from a successful accommodation provider who’s actually put this guidance into practice.

Topics Covered In This Webinar

Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition

Find out the four ways to identify your unique value proposition and then use it to drive bookings.

Content Marketing

Learn what content travel shoppers care about and how to share this relevant content on all the channels travel shoppers use to search for accommodations online.

How Storytelling Sells

Randy Howat needed to compete against big brands and he used digital storytelling to do so, and even garner a 400% increase in wedding business.