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5 Strategies to Slash Marketing Spend & Ramp Up Revenue

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This hospitality digital marketing insights report is not about industry trends specifically or what’s hot this year in hotel digital marketing.

It’s about a better way to manage your online marketing. More specifically, proven, easy-to-implement strategies that help you lower your costs, empower you with more control and, improve the results you see from your marketing efforts.

This report will give you an eye-opening look at where to focus attention, actionable tips to your digital marketing more effective and insights into what fellow hospitality marketers are up to.

Sounds too good to be true? Download the report and you’ll quickly learn that it’s not!

Topics Covered In This Report

Wow Them

93% of people say that visuals are the most influential factor in their purchase decision. This highlights the importance of bringing your media gallery into the forefront to meet the expectation of the modern travel shopper instantly.

Make Booking Easy

This might be a no-brainer, but enabling booking on your hotel website is a top priority. The ability to check availability and book a room should be embedded on every single page of your website.

Know What To Look For

Not all cloud-based Digital Marketing Systems are created equal, make sure you know what to look for. You want the solution that is easy to use, lowers your costs and improves your performance.

Here’s An Excerpt From This Resource

In a competitive market like hospitality, targeting common short keywords such as “hotels in New Orleans” will actually yield less qualified traffic than long tail search terms such as “luxury boutique hotels in French Quarter New Orleans.” Though long-tail keywords yield less traffic volume, conversion rates are much higher because your site will attract people who are searching for exactly what you’re offering.

You want to use a keyword (or keywords) in a way that makes the most sense to your audience. Your website will be severely penalized with keyword stuffing. This type of weak content goes against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Remember: the goal should be to inform your website visitors, not to inform the search engines.

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