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Maximizing Your Mobile Presence: A Total Optimization Checklist

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Mobile is not a trend, it’s a way of life. By 2017, we’ll each have five internet devices, most of which will be mobile like smartphones and tablets, according to Business Insider. This is why it is critical that your hotel, B&B or inn has a mobile optimized website.

Considering 61% of customers who visit a website that is not mobile optimized are likely to leave and go to a competitor’s site, it’s never been more important to get mobile optimized. With our checklist, you’ll learn the most important elements to maximize your mobile presence and ensure you don’t lose guests to the competitors.

By the end, you’ll know exactly how successful your property’s website is on mobile and how to optimize to win bookings from mobile travel shoppers.

Topics Covered In This Checklist

Visual Experience

In this checklist, you’ll learn the three most important aspects of a visual-first experience on mobile.

Must-Have Features

Learn the key features of a mobile optimized website such as a media gallery and a touch screen navigation design.

Best Practices

Our best practices include using concise descriptions to accompany your media gallery images and an easy booking process – find out how.

Here’s An Excerpt From This Resource

The mobile market is booming as travelers are turning to their smartphones and tablets throughout the shopping journey. In fact, in 2015, tablet sales will surpass PC sales, fulfilling the prediction Steve Jobs made in 2010 and reports indicate that mobile bookings will account for more than 35% of hotel bookings by 2018 (not including travelers who call by conducting a mobile search). The rise of mobile usage means you need an optimized mobile website that offers an easy-to-use shopping experience. Google’s research shows that if your website is not mobile optimized, travel shoppers will leave in search of a site that is. Plus, Google’s new algorithm update also rewards mobile-friendly websites with higher search engine Desktop Website on Mobile Device Mobile Optimized Website rankings, meaning it’s time to ramp up your mobile marketing strategies.

Is your mobile site optimized? To ensure your property is on the right track, we’ve created a checklist of the essential elements for total mobile optimization. The checklist is easy, simply start by pulling up your website on a smartphone and tablet.

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