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Anatomy of a Visual First Website Experience: Best Practices

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The days of text-heavy websites are over as visually-driven websites have become the norm. In order to tell a story that provides compelling and engaging experiences for travel shoppers, your website needs to be able to evoke emotion using visuals.

90% of what we process every day is visual and our brains process visuals 60 000 x faster than text. After learning statistics like that, it was no wonder we focused an entire eBook on the anatomy of visual first website experiences.

Learn what makes a visual first website, as well as best practices to ensure the experience you provide travel shoppers is one that will lead to them booking with you.

Topics Covered In This eBook

Find The Images That Showcase Your Hotel Experience

Learn where you can find visuals that showcase your story (even if you think you have none).

Visual Storytelling Triggers Emotional Reactions

Social media activity can have a powerful secondary impact on your SEO. Learn how your social presence can refer traffic to your website.We discuss the best way to publish your content in a way that will evoke the reactions that result in website conversions.

Use Multiple Channels To Tell Your Story

Learn how properties capitalize on third-party travel channels to drive traffic to their website (and how you can too).

Here’s An Excerpt From This Resource

Once you’ve arranged an effective method of sourcing content and keeping it fresh, how do you actually curate it in a way that makes sense? Visually representing your hotel’s story requires more than just adding a massive gallery of property photos to your site. The way you present your photos and multimedia should accurately represent what a guest will experience when they stay with you.

Transforming your content into great stories can be a challenge, but the best way to start is to keep it simple. Consider the season, local attractions, or special events.

If its summertime, you can show off your pool, outdoor recreational activities, the local amusement park, beach or zoo—basically any local summertime hotspot.

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