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Best Practices: Multi-Media Guidelines for Hotel Marketers

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Regardless of your travel shopping intentions, be it for business or leisure, consumers are looking for more than just a room – they’re looking for the best possible experience.

In order to capture their imagination, your property website needs to present them with visuals that will give them the tools they need to imagine that experience. That is the intention of this eBook all about multi-media guidelines hotel marketers can use.

Images, virtual tours and video are what captures the attention of travel shoppers of all type. Learn the benefits of different multi-media strategies and how you can incorporate them in your marketing here.

Topics Covered In This eBook

Virtual Tours

Learn the Dos and Don’ts of virtual tours including optimal length, different ideas of what to shoot and the channels to publish them on.

Video Slideshows

Learn the role of video slideshows in your strategy, its benefits and how to best present them here.

Universal Best Practices For All Media

From where to place descriptive text to when you should include people in your images, learn how to optimize your media.

Here’s An Excerpt From This Resource

According to comScore, exposure to online video can lead to a 40% increase in buying. “For people who are wondering whether they should book a room, video will be that final little tap that will say, absolutely the place is awesome,” Susan Shields, General Manager of the Kimber Modern in Austin, Texas.

Video allows you as a hotel marketer to effectively communicate your hotel’s attributes and show off the unique experience you offer guests. With 89% of leisure and 93% of business travel shoppers watching online video, this medium is a sure-fire way to connect with your audience.

Standard Video packages are exceptional value, offering a high quality, end-to-end video production solution at an attractive price point, and are best suited to mid and higher-end hotels as well as those seeking to showcase meeting and conference capabilities or other special features and amenities.

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