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Finding Your Hotel Story: 7 Tips

How do we help thousands of hotels find and craft their story? We're bringing you 7 tips from our Storytelling Specialists, on #NationalTellAStoryDay!

Posted by Leonardo Social on Monday, April 27, 2015

Meet Our Contributors

Hannah Yardley

Storytelling Specialist, Leonardo

Vicky Tobianah

Manager, Content Marketing, Leonardo

Aneta Tasheva

Storytelling Specialist, Leonardo


When you have helped thousands of properties find their unique story, you probably have some insightful tips worth listening to.

That’s why we asked our Storytelling Specialists what they believe are the most important tips to finding a unique and authentic story.

Listen to these seven tips from our in-house experts who have worked with thousands of accommodation providers from hotel marketers to B&B innkeepers.

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