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How To Get More Value From Twitter, Vine and Facebook

Meet Our Speakers

Del Ross

Managing Director, Noctober Value Partners, LLC

Rachel Feit

Digital Marketing Manager, Dream Hotels

Darlene Rondeau

VP Best Practices, Online Merchandising, Leonardo


Do you want to drive real results on social media? Do you want to understand how to be consistent and active on multiple social media channels at once?

We assume your answer is a resounding “Yes!” If so, then you need to learn how to get more value from your accounts on Twitter, Vine and Facebook.

These three exciting social platforms, if used properly, can take your hotel’s visual storytelling to the next level. That is the thinking behind this webinar, where you can learn what travel shoppers expect of you on these platforms and how you can tell them your story in a way that will resonate with them.

Topics Covered In This Webinar

Why Social Matters In Hospitality

Our VP Best Practices, Online Merchandising, Darlene Rondeau, shares the importance of social channels to your marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing is NOT The Same As Email Marketing

Del Ross, Managing Director at Noctober Value Partners, shows the difference between these two marketing strategies. and why on social media how you engage with travel shoppers determines the type of engagement you will receive back.

Social Media Reputation

Digital Marketing Manager of Dream Hotels Rachel Feit explains why your social strategy must be an extension of your personality in-person.