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Get Social: How To Use Social Media To Tell Your Hotel’s Story

Meet Our Speakers

Daniel Edward Craig

Founder, Reknown Travel Marketing

Danielle Valenchis

Transient Sales Manager, North Point Hospitality

Darlene Rondeau

VP Best Practices, Online Merchandising, Leonardo


Travel shoppers are increasingly turning to social networks for property information before booking.

The problem is that many hotel marketers struggle with how to successfully build a story on social media that will compel travel shoppers to engage with them.

This webinar focuses on how you can use social media to your advantage and create visually compelling stories that will increase direct bookings.

Topics Covered In This Webinar

The Importance Of A Good Story

Daniel E. Craig, Found of Reknown, lays out why having a good social story is so important to your success on social media.

Visual Content Tips

We show you the key strategies you need to incorporate when you create your visual content to ensure its success.

How To Use Facebook To Tell Your Story

Listen to Danielle Valenchis, Transient Sales Manager at North Point Hospitality, outline her strategy to maximizing her presence on Facebook.