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Strategies to Thrive in Today’s Complex Travel Shopping Journey

Meet Our Speakers

Alan Young

CEO and Co-Founder, Puzzle Partner

Greg Bodenlos

Brand Marketing Manager & HSMAI Leader

Darlene Rondeau

VP Best Practices, Online Merchandising, Leonardo


Travelers go down a long and unpredictable path when it comes to planning and booking a trip. They are inundated with a multitude of resources when researching hotels, especially in the 45 days leading up to a purchase.

Travellers rely on a mix of branded sites, OTAs and meta search to help inform their decision. So how do you ensure they book on YOUR hotel website at the end of their journey?

Watch this informative webinar on how to navigate (and thrive) in today’s complex travel shopping journey!

Topics Covered In This Webinar

How to increase your chances of success

Learn how technology and consistent storytelling can help you stand out from the competition

Drive more direct bookings

Learn how to optimize your path to conversion and drive more direct bookings

Out-of-the-box digital marketing ideas

Learn how to be smarter than the OTA’s, without trying to outspend them, with 3 underutilized digital marketing strategies