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Targeting the New Bleisure (Business and Leisure) Traveler

Meet Our Speakers

Robert Cole

Founder, RockCheetah

Lennert de Jong

Commercial Director, citizenM Hotels

Darlene Rondeau

VP Best Practices, Online Merchandising, Leonardo


To turn more travel shoppers into bookers, you need to tell a story that is specifically targeted to your key demographics. As the lines between demographics change, you need to be ready to adapt your strategy to this new group of travelers.

We’re talking about the bleisure traveler who may work while on vacation or do leisure activities when traveling for business. Are you targeting the new bleisure traveler?

In this webinar recording, we highlight how to target the new bleisure travel shopper with a compelling story that shows them you understand their needs.

Topics Covered In This Webinar

What Is A Bleisure Travel Shopper?

Learn what defines this new market and what they are looking for as they search for accommodations online.

The Seven Phases Of Travel

Listen to Robert Cole, Founder of RockCheetah, describe the different needs of travel shoppers and where each step is along the shopping journey.

How citizenM Targets It’s Guests

We hear from Commercial Director of citizenM Hotels, Lennert de Jong, and how his property reaches the appropriate audience.