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The 4 Most Important Hotel Marketing Trends for 2015

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Looking to brush up on your hotel marketing knowledge while you drink your morning coffee? In this short eBook, we offer a snackable version of our 2015 Hotel Marketing eBook and narrow down the four most important trends to watch in 2015.

In this resource, we explore the value of quality content marketing, the mobile takeover, targeting your audience, and how these things are changing the shopping journey this year.

Topics Covered In This eBook

Content Marketing

People don’t want to be “sold to” anymore. We’ll show you how to reach your customer with an emphasis on helping rather than selling.

The Power of Social Media and Mobile

Consumers expect to see great visuals, even when they’re shopping on mobile. Learn how the mobile takeover is changing the hotel marketing game this year, and what you can do to adapt.


To stand out this year, you need to deliver your message in an appropriate way to your specific market. We’ll show you how.

Here’s An Excerpt From This Resource

Consumer behavior has dictated what, how, and when they want to interact with companies, and with each other. It’s pretty clear that people are looking for good storytelling on hotels’ social channels. Humans are curious creatures. We love conversation and comments. We want to be heard and understood.

Our definition of social networking has expanded over the last several years, whereas it may have started with Facebook, now it includes platforms that support video or image only sharing, location based services, conversations with the “suits,” news aggregators, group buying and selling, along with micro-and blogging sites. And multi-media is the common denominator for the leading social marketing companies. It’s woven into the experience – whether it’s your bio picture or company graphic on LinkedIn or a video on how to carve a Halloween pumpkin on Pinterest, today’s social communication is dominated by visuals. And that’s a good thing because in our busy, busy world, where time is the new currency, visuals are processed much, much faster than words. In fact, people have drawn for 32,000 years, while we’ve only written for 5,000; and in today’s society, pictures help pull us out of our noisy surroundings to provide transparency and context.

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