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Connect with the global travel industry’s largest repository of hotel media assets

With digital marketing’s shift to visual storytelling, travel shoppers are demanding to see more images, larger images and richer forms of visual content as they research and compare hotels online. Are your websites and apps meeting their demands?

Sourcing current hotel media for tens of thousands of hotels and keeping it up to date can be a chaotic and inefficient exercise without the right system in place, especially if you’re sourcing media from multiple places. Connecting with the largest hotel media library in the travel industry can alleviate many of the pains associated with sourcing hotel media.

Using Leonardo’s MediaConnect product, you can:

  • Gain access to the global travel industry’s largest library of hotel media – photos, virtual tours, and videos – for over 100,000 GDS listed hotels from around the world
  • Source media through advanced XML connectivity options based on industry standards from HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation) and Open Travel Alliance
  • Synchronize media in the way that works best for you on an inbound or outbound basis
  • Download media to host on your own servers or link to it on our servers hosted on Amazon’s Global Content Delivery Platform
  • Automatically match media for all common hotels between your website and our database using Leonardo’s M2 matching algorithm maintained through proprietary or GDS code synchronization, updated regularly
  • Ensure the accuracy of content on your website and minimize rogue image issues through our robust de-duplication process using both advanced algorithms and manual validations to identify duplicate images
  • Offer optimized, quick loading media – we provide images in over 14 different formats and sizes to ensure the most appropriate sized image is served based on how the consumer is accessing your web page

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