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Create immersive multi-media experiences on your mobile websites and apps

A common belief in the hotel industry is that guests use their smartphones and tablets primarily for booking. While this is true, we’re also learning that a growing number of travel shoppers are turning to these devices for inspiration and to conduct research – making it important that your hotels are providing a visually engaging experience for mobile.

If the visuals on your mobile websites and apps are not optimized specifically for mobile device users, you could be leaving them frustrated. Large, quick loading hotel media that is optimized for navigation on touch screens is a must-have for your websites and apps.

With Leonardo’s smartphone and tablet optimized multi-media galleries, you can:

  • Optimize your hotels’ images, virtual tours and videos for smaller screens and touch navigation
  • Trust that your media will always load quickly using the world’s most reliable Content Delivery Networks
  • Detect your website visitor’s device and display a media gallery that is optimized for that device
  • Customize your galleries to match the look and feel of your mobile websites and apps for a consistent user experience
  • Ensure viewing media on a mobile device is as smooth and seamless as it is on a computer screen

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an optimized, multi-media driven experience

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