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Enhance your brand websites and improve booking conversion

Your ultimate goal is to capture as many direct bookings as possible and your brand website is the best channel to capture them. Is your website compelling visitors to book? Or is it stuck in the dark ages of digital design?

Web design has made a significant shift toward more visually-oriented experiences, where large, engaging photos and media are replacing large sections of copy. Unfortunately, many hotel websites don’t look much different than they did five years ago. That’s dinosaur years in the digital realm.

Today, the brand websites that drive the most direct bookings feature large, high resolution visuals that are curated into stories and published prominently on their pages.

Leonardo’s multi-media web galleries can help shift your website to a visual-first experience. You can:

  • Improve conversion rates on your website and marketing campaign landing pages with multi-media
  • Give your website visitors the visuals experiences they’re looking for with fully-integrated multi-media galleries
  • Ensure website visitors always enjoy an optimized experience with media displayed appropriately for their device, software, bandwidth and screen size
  • Boost your search engine rankings by optimizing your visual media using built-in SEO features
  • Create web galleries for all of your web marketing in one place without a web developer

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