All In One Digital Marketing

Visual storytelling is at the core of digital marketing today and smart hospitality professionals take every opportunity to tell their property’s stories.

These marketers rely on an all-in-one digital marketing system to source, curate, publish and amplify their visual stories on the direct and indirect websites travelers use to shop and buy accommodations.

Using Vizlly, Leonardo’s Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System, you can:

  • Create and manage your direct sales sites including your website, mobile websites and social media pages
  • Create, manage and publish digital brochures focused on the visual story of your property to third-party travel websites, all from one place
  • Source, curate, publish and amplify your visual stories using a single cloud-based digital marketing system
  • Keep your stories fresh and relevant by updating media in real-time
  • Track what stories consumers are engaging with, identify your top travel channels and strategize accordingly

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