Mobile Optimization

Give website visitors the right online experience for their device.

Nothing frustrates a website visitor more than a site that is slow loading and impossible to navigate on their smartphone or tablet. In fact, many will leave your site immediately and move on to a competitor’s site if they are unable to easily accomplish what they are looking to do.

In the hospitality industry, we know that nothing frustrates a property owner more than losing bookings to a property down the street. Optimizing your property website for smartphone and tablet visitors can prevent that from happening.

With the growth of mobile device usage for travel shopping, mobile optimized sites are must-haves for properties.

With Vizlly’s Mobile module, you can:

  • Create your own mobile websites for smartphone and tablet that showcase compelling stories about your rooms, features and special offers
  • Create and publish unique stories to your mobile devices or with a single click, use the same stories you created for your standard website
  • Optimize your property website for smartphone and tablet screens, with mobile-specific features such as click-to-call and map integration
  • Tell your property story through engaging multi-media, optimized for each device with zoom, pan, landscape and portrait capabilities
  • Ensure booking your property directly on a mobile device is as smooth and seamless as it is on a computer screen

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and tablet website visitors an optimized, multi-media driven experience