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Whether you’re managing a collection of branded or independent properties, locally or in different cities or even different countries, ensuring each of your hotels’ unique stories are being told across the web is an important part of your role as a management company. Are your hotels’ stories reaching and engaging travelers as they shop for hotels online?

Digital Marketing Solution

Manage digital marketing and visual storytelling for multiple properties in one centralized place.

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Multi-channel Marketing

Tell each of your hotels’ stories with multi-media experiences to millions of shoppers on the travel websites they visit.

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Web Marketing

Move your hotels’ websites to visual-first experiences that showcase their unique stories.

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Mobile Optimization

Give your hotels’ smartphone and tablet website visitors fully optimized, multi-media driven experiences.

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Social Media Marketing

Reach and engage more travel shoppers by amplifying stories on social media channels for each of your properties.

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Analytics and Reporting

Get smart with your visual storytelling by understanding how and where travel shoppers are engaging with your stories.

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