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Move your hotel websites to visual-first experiences

Your ultimate goal as a management company is to capture as many direct bookings as possible and your hotel websites are the best channels to capture them. Are your hotels’ websites telling their unique stories in a way that compels visitors to book? Or are they stuck in the dark ages of digital design?

In this age of faster internet broadband speeds and visually driven websites, engaging photos and media are replacing large sections of copy. Unfortunately, many hotel websites don’t look much different than they did five years ago. That’s dinosaur years in the digital realm.

Today, the hotel websites that drive the most direct bookings feature large, high resolution visuals that are curated into stories and published prominently on their pages.

With the web marketing features of Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System, your hotel websites can shift to visual-first experiences. You can:

  • Give visitors to your websites the visual experiences they’re looking for with fully-integrated multi-media galleries
  • Boost your search engine rankings by optimizing your visual media using built-in SEO features
  • Improve conversion rates on your websites and marketing campaign landing pages with multi-media
  • Create web galleries for multiple properties in one place without a web developer

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