Russia: collaborating since 1967

We have business relationships with numerous state and private companies in different sectors: aviation, helicopters, space, airport infrastructures, professional communications, postal automation systems.

Serving the area for more than 50 years

Serving the area for more than 50 years

We began with a representative office in Moscow when we supplied the first air traffic control radar systems and today we are also present in the postal automation sector and the helicopter sector through a joint venture with HeliVert.

Where we are


Headquarters and representative office 


15 Savvinskaya emb., Moscow, 119435
T: +7 495 544 5974

Tomilino (Moscow region)

More than 60 Leonardo helicopters fly in Russia with private and state companies.  We are part of the HeliVert joint venture with Russian Helicopter for the final assembly of the AW139 and logistics support for Leonardo helicopters.


Mil Helicopter Plant, Pionerskaya str., Luberetsky District, Moscow Region, Russia
T: +7 495 645 2957

Podolsk e Kazan

Postal Automation Systems

Leonardo has provided completely automated solutions for moving and sorting the entire range of post (from letters to parcels) at the Moscow Regional Automated Sorting Centers, Vnukovo Moscow Regional Logistic Center, Kazan Logistics Postal Center.



107/49 Prospekt Lenina, Podolsk, 142100, Moscow Region
T: +7 495 937 5554


Leonardo SpA Branch in Kazan

29B Nikolaya Ershova str., Kazan, 420061
T: +7 495 937 5554

Our activity in the Country

We are proud of our industrial collaboration in the helicopter sector through HeliVert for the assembly of the AW139 helicopter and for the maintenance of the AW139 and Leonardo helicopters.

In the aircraft sector, we have a stake in the JV “Superjet International” for the production, commercialisation and operational management of the commercial regional transport Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) aircraft.

We are the primary supplier of professional communications and postal automation systems, where we use our cross-belt technology.