Alma Mater Studiorum
University of Bologna

Lorenzo Gentilini
Ph.D. Student
Lorenzo Marconi
Stefano Mattoccia
Dario Mengoli (Ph.D. Student)

Lorenzo holds a three-year degree and a master's degree in Automation Engineering from the University of Bologna. He chose this field of study because he believes that automation and artificial intelligence are fundamental aspects of today’s science and that they will become even more important in the future.

The ultimate goal of the team is to equip the aerial platform with artificial intelligence that allows the performance of predefined operations in complete autonomy and without human intervention.




  • Acquire deep knowledge about UAV programming, autonomous navigation techniques, autonomous mapping, simultaneous navigation and mapping algorithms, non-linear system control and basics of artificial intelligence applications such as neural networks.




  • Investigate the navigation issues connected with complex environments where the degraded acquisition of GNSS signals and the presence of obstacles may compromise the efficient and safe operations of autonomous systems. 
    The project is focused on the development of a perception and control algorithm able to work in any kind of situation and without a priory environment knowledge.