Compliance Council 2017 - an approach based on integrity for a sustainable business

An approach based on integrity as the key factor for being a reliable partner in the long term, for clients, suppliers and all stakeholders in general.

Rome  28 September 2017 17:37

  • Giovanni De Gennaro, Chairman of Leonardo: “Compliance guides each business activity”
  • Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo: “Zero tolerance for those who break the rules”
An approach based on integrity as the key factor for being a reliable partner in the long term, for clients, suppliers and all stakeholders in general. This is the goal of the “Compliance Council”, an annual event at Leonardo dealing with questions of compliance, transparency, and responsible business practices, this year reaches the second edition. This initiative was held over three working days in Rome and, at its opening, it included the Company's Top Management and numerous Italian and international speakers, who are experts in the sector.   
This event, which was attended by about 300 of the Company’s highest-ranking employees and others in positions of responsibility, also provided the opportunity to analyse Leonardo’s compliance model, which guides how it does business in Italy and abroad, from a legal point of view and in light of international best practices. All the speakers at the event reiterated “the importance of the effectiveness” of compliance controls and all company departments working together, for an effective compliance programme.
During the meeting the new milestones reached were highlighted. These included obtaining of AEO-F (Authorized Economic Operator – Full) Customs Certification, and the next set of goals was established. The Compliance Council is part of Leonardo's training programme, aimed at providing specific content for developing a sustainable business model, marked by effective risk and opportunity management, the adoption of ethical conduct at all levels of the organisation, and complete compliance with the rules.  
Recalling the significant commitment made in recent years, Leonardo's Chairman, Giovanni De Gennaro, highlighted the value of integrated compliance in relation to business, as a necessary prerequisite for guaranteeing the upkeep of the Company's reputation. “Compliance guides each business activity”, Mr De Gennaro pointed out. The control mechanisms must not be seen as an obstacle, “but rather as an aid to listening and discussing, in order to constantly check that in-house rules are applied. My commitment, in carrying out the tasks delegated to me, and that of the entire Board of Directors, is to make Leonardo a model company: we have set up certain rules, and now we must all be determined to get this set-up to work”.
In his turn, Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo, stressed the central role played by compliance in the Company's activities. “This regards the way we are in our everyday dealings”, said Mr Profumo. “One can no longer think about a company without a compliance programme that is able to ensure conformity to the reference standards”, he added. ”For this very reason" - concluded Leonardo's Chief Executive Officer - "there will be zero tolerance of those who break the rules and depart from our value system”.