Leonardo to take part in Defense Expo Korea with its offer for regional security

Seoul  19 September 2022 14:30

From 21 to 24 September, Leonardo brings to Seoul its offer for national security, leveraging its long experience in providing advanced tailor-made solutions to its customers and building on its 50 years of relation with Korean partners and a solid commercial presence in the whole region


Leonardo (stand 8D-11) brings to Defense Expo Korea, held from 21 to 24 September in Seoul, its wide offer for national security, leveraging on its long experience in providing advanced tailor-made solutions to its customers, from single products to integrated systems and platforms. 

Since the early ‘90s, the Republic of Korea has operated Leonardo technologies including helicopters, radars, communication and surveillance systems for airborne and naval applications and naval defence systems. The company has been present in the country since 2013, building on more than 50 years of relations with its Korean partners and a solid commercial presence across the whole region. Leonardo’s successful partnerships with various Korean manufacturers have already enabled the platform integration of multiple systems, such as the unrivalled 76/62 Super Rapid multi-feeding gun mount, for domestic and export customers and the company contributes to the export of local naval products worldwide. Leonardo has supplied the Super Lynx and AW159 maritime operation helicopters, which are currently employed by the RoK Navy, and a range of commercial and dual-use platforms such as the AW139, the best-selling Search and Rescue (SAR) and firefighting helicopter in its category. In addition, the company has entered Korea in various fields and is maintaining a cooperative relationship between the Korean government and companies, also by actively performing follow-up logistics management for helicopters in operation.

As security is key for Leonardo, the company is bringing some key elements of its homeland protection portfolio to Defense Expo Korea, including its RAT 31 DL 3D surveillance radar, designed to operate as part of a modern military air defence system. With an eye towards to constantly evolving tactical-strategic scenarios, Leonardo has continued to invest in the development and design of cutting-edge solutions for naval, land and air security, with its offer of AESA radars also including the Kronos family and the brand new, fully digitalised, TMMR Tactical Multi Mission Radar.

With Armed Forces requiring protection from new and increasingly capable threats, Leonardo is also promoting its Miysis Directed InfraRed CounterMeasure (DIRCM) for aircraft that provides 100% protection against modern infrared-guided (heat-seeking) missile threats. The company is also offering its BriteCloud countermeasure, which packs latest-generation jamming technology into a compact expendable that can be launched from standard dispensers, providing latest-generation protection from radar-guided surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles. 

In the land domain, Leonardo is presenting its highly effective, highly accurate Vulcano 155mm long-range ammunition, available in BER (Ballistic Extended Range) and GLR (Guided Long Range) variants, which can reach distances up to 70 km. Also for land protection, Leonardo is promoting its Hitfact Mk II turret and other state-of-the-art equipment for armoured vehicles.

As the only European company able to deliver a complete uncrewed aerial system, from the platform and sensors to the ground control station and mission system, Leonardo is also highlighting its rotary-wing AWHERO, a dual-use uncrewed platform able to perform civil and defence operations day and night, over land and sea. The Company is also highlighting its capabilities in Next Generation VTOL aircraft.