Berkay Berkay Ozkan

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  • I hold an MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering. I dealt with the numerical simulation of nonlinear forced and free vibrations of beams with fatigue cracks using explicit and implicit finite element models in my master thesis. The investigation covers the modelling of fatigue crack surface interactions, detection of the cracks using sub and super harmonic approach, and proposing a damage parameter in order to estimate the severity of cracks using FRF and FFT of the vibrations. I worked as a fatigue and damage tolerance analysis engineer in an aviation company for seven years.

    During my professional career, I have gained experience on fatigue life and damage tolerance calculations of primary structures of a helicopter, extensive finite element modelling and stress simulation techniques using common commercial FE software such as ABAQUS, Nastran and Hypermesh, coupon and component level fatigue testing, vibration assessment of critical equipment, certification activities concerning structural fatigue, real time monitoring during flight test campaigns and design optimisations.

    As a research fellow in Leonardo Helicopters, I have been working on damage tolerance simulation techniques of thick composite structures and maintenance tests of composite rotor structures.

  • Material Technologies, Composite Structures, Composite Manufacturing, Structural Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis, Stress Analysis of Composites and Metals, Finite Element Method, Vibrations

  • Ozkan, Berkay et al., Non-linear Dynamic Analysis for the Lateral Vibration of Beams with Breathing Crack under Harmonic Excitation Using Finite Element Method, International Committee On Aeronautical Fatigue and Structural Integrity. Conference. 35TH 2017. (29TH Symposium), Nagoya, Japan