Matteo Baiguera

Research Fellow
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  • Aerospace/GN&C engineer, algorithm developer, data scientist

  • Unmanned systems, Future Rotorcraft technologies

  • 3rd Conference Italian Association and Astronautics AIDAA2015 (Tourin, 2015)
    Earth-Mars fuel depots to support fast and heavy manned mission to mars.
    S.F:Rafano Carna, A.Serboli, M.Baiguera and M.Lavagna.

    Moon 2020-2030: A New Era of Coordinated Human and Robotic Exploration ( ESTEC, Noordwjik (NL))
    Large service Structures in Earth-Moon L1: feasibility, exploitation and technology needs.
    M.Lavagna, Matteo Baiguera.

    67th International Astronautical Congress (IAC-2016) (Guadalajara Mexico)
    Advanced Concepts for Moon Exploitations
    M. lavagna, M. Baiguera, S.F. Carna