Francesco Flora

Research Fellow
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  • Materials Engineer

  • Advanced Materials, Digital Factory

  • Flora, F., Boccaccio, M., Fierro, G. P. M., & Meo, M. (2021). Real-time thermography system for composite welding: Undamaged baseline approach. Composites Part B: Engineering, 215, 108740.

    Fierro, G. P. M., Flora, F., Boccaccio, M., & Meo, M. (2021). Real-time automated composite scanning using forced cooling infrared thermography. Infrared Physics & Technology, 118, 103860.

    Flora, F., Pinto, F., & Meo, M. (2021). Manufacturing and characterisation of a new thermal pre-stressed carbon fibre-reinforced lattice core for sandwich panels. Accepted for publication at Journal of Composite Materials

    Fierro, G. P. M., Flora, F., & Meo, M. (2019, November). Thermal wave imaging for defect determination during automated fibre placement. In 12th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring: Enabling Intelligent Life-Cycle Health Management for Industry Internet of Things (IIOT), IWSHM 2019 (pp. 2294-2301). DEStech Publications Inc..

    Flora, F., Boccaccio, M., Fierro, G. P. M., & Meo, M. (2020, April). Non-destructive thermography-based system for damage localisation and characterisation during induction welding of thermoplastic composites. In Thermosense: Thermal Infrared Applications XLII (Vol. 11409, p. 114090I). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

    Flora, F., Rizzo, F., Pinto, F., & Meo, M. (2021). Ultrasonic consolidation (UC) debulking of thermosetting prepreg for autoclave curing of composite laminates. Materials Today: Proceedings, 34, 106-112.

  • SPIE, Thermosense: Thermal Infrared Applications XLIII, from 27/04/2020 to 09/05/2020

    ICCST, 12th International Conference on Composite Science and Technology, from 06/05/2019 to 10/05/2019