Scenario Futuro – from engineering to chemistry: materials of the future

21 September 2022

In the fourth article "Scenario Futuro" by Italian Tech dedicated to Leonardo’s technologies, we discover how advanced thermoplastic matrix materials will change the face of entire industry sectors, starting with Leonardo

In this fourth feature dedicated to Leonardo’s technologies, Italian Tech concentrates on ‘engineered materials’ research, explaining how Leonardo – through the Engineered Material Research Lab – is already involved in the development of new thermoplastic composite materials and related production processes, as well as exploring the themes of the circular economy and recycling.

The Leonardo Solvay Joint Lab undertakes many development activities including welding and automatic lamination of complex and large aerospace structures with a view to improving the performance and safety properties of products, extending their lifecycle, and increasing the efficiency of the company’s production lines. Thermoplastic composites offer unique advantages, including weight reduction for more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Italian Tech points out how this innovation will have positive impacts on productivity, environmental footprint, and the consumption of resources, boosting a circular and more efficient production system and a more sustainable aerospace industry.

Moreover, the Be Tomorrow - Leonardo 2030 Strategic Plan wants to take the company precisely in this direction, placing particular importance on the development of technological innovation projects with a view to the sustainable transformation of new technological cycles. For this important challenge, Leonardo has set up the Leonardo Labs, true incubators of new technologies and talent, which are dedicated to long-term research and development of the most innovative technologies.

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