To present your candidacy, you must register through the prospective candidacy service

You must complete this registration to begin working with Leonardo Global Solutions and its Divisions. Registration also ensures information is available to identify suppliers subject to EU GDPR regulations in Leonardo’s procurement systems.

Once you have completed the prospective candidacy form, you will be sent log-in information and asked to fill in the specific questionnaires most appropriate for the selected categories of goods and services. Consult the tree of categories to identify the most appropriate category of goods and services.

For assistance using the service, read the instructions for the supplier qualification process or contact the helpdesk service, using the email address or call the toll-free number 800 591122 from within Italy, or the number +39 06 54 64 15 14 from abroad. The service is available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm.

Note that:

  • Prospective candidacy is not a guarantee of establishing a business relationship with Leonardo but is merely a route to becoming a potential supplier.
  • Filling in the questionnaires appropriate to your category or categories of goods and services is obligatory, and failure to fill in the prospective candidacy questionnaire completely may result in exclusion from the list of potential suppliers in the category in question.
  • Candidates for non-priority categories of goods and services will be analysed only when required, based on the number of suppliers already present on the supplier register or because of specific business requirements.