Leonardo’s footprint in the Chinese market dates back to the 80’s and it has been constantly reinforced along the years up to the recent establishment of its fully owned subsidiary “Leonardo (China) Co., Ltd”. The Company is well present both in the government and private markets thanks to the outstanding performances of its products and the long lasting collaborations established with local partners.

A long story of successful cooperation

We have been strongly contributing to the development of the General Aviation and Aeronautics sectors in China. More than 70 of our Air Traffic Control Radars have been installed in the major Chinese airports and over 130 helicopters are currently flying to serve important sectors such as Law Enforcement, Medical Emergency Service, Search & Rescue, Oil & Gas.





In the Country the current fleet counts large fleet made of AW119, AW109, AW139, AW169, AW189 and SW-4 models. Through the successful collaboration with the local partner, Leonardo holds 70% of market shares in the Chinese “HEMS” segment (Helicopter Medical Emergency Service), 40% in the Law Enforcement segment and 30% in the VIP segment. In 2018 the Company has supplied the first flight simulator with the aim to establish an Authorized Training Academy in China. Moreover since 2004 Leonardo is an industrial partner of AVIC (Aviation Corporation of China) through the Joint Venture established in the Jiangxi Province.


Since 1996 Leonardo has been partnering with Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation “XAC” (an AVIC company) for the production of section 16 and section 18 for ATR 72 and 42 as well as joint activities of ATR rear fuselage. 

Air traffic control systems

Since the 80’s Leonardo is supplying the Country with its Radar Systems for Air Traffic Control (ATC) as well as with VHF Radio Systems for ATC Communication, currently used in over n. 140 Chinese airports.

Space systems

Over 100 units of Infra-Red Earth Sensor “IRES” have been supplied so far in the Country. Moreover, Leonardo since 2016 has been providing the Chinese partners with advanced orientation systems Star-Trackers (AA-STR).

Where we are


In order to ensure the best support to the customers and enhance the cooperation with local partners, Leonardo is present through a fully owned local company in Beijing. Moreover, the establishment of a local branch in Shanghai is in progress.


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The establishment of a local branch in Shanghai is in progress.


Angelo Cecchini

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