The Corporate Governance Systems

Leonardo’s Governance model aims to maximize shareholder value in addition to monitoring corporate risks and generating greater transparency with respect to the market, while ensuring the integrity and correctness of decision-making processes.

Shareholders' Meeting

The Shareholders’ Meeting is the collective body which expresses the shareholders’ will, and has the power to resolve topics that fall under its competence by law or on the basis of the Articles of Association.

Extraordinary Operations

This section provides documentation relating to the Divisionalisation (One Company) and other extraordinary operations taken by the Company.

Related Parties Transactions

This section includes the procedural provisions adopted by the Company with reference to Related Parties Transactions.


This section includes the Remuneration Policy report, along with details of the remuneration paid annually, as approved by the Board of Directors of Leonardo.

External Audit and Control

Independent Auditing Firm

Judge of the Court of Auditors

Market Abuse

Leonardo has long adopted specific internal procedures in order to ensure the highest level of fairness in the management of corporate information and transparency towards the market.


Legal notices