Responsible Business

The foundation of Leonardo’s approach to sustainability is the commitment to conduct business responsibly at every level of the supply chain. This responsibility has many aspects, encompassing people, a large-scale supply chain and the protection of the planet. Leonardo’s commitment is inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030, strengthened by the sustainability objectives that Leonardo has set itself and by the actions laid out in the company’s Sustainability Plan.

Human capital is at the heart of the development of any responsible business: promoting inclusion and diversity, protecting human rights, and promoting people’s skills and growth are priorities for Leonardo.

Leonardo’s supply chain is a production ecosystem that can create widespread value, contributing to the overall competitiveness that is crucial to the Group. For this reason, Leonardo is involving its suppliers (aiming at excellence in the supply chain) in sustainability initiatives focused on essential aspects, such as social and environmental responsibility.

The protection of the planet is part of a global, collective responsibility. So too is the responsibility arising from the climate emergency: reducing environmental impact and empowering stakeholders through technological solutions are the cornerstones of Leonardo’s sustainability commitments.

Integrity and compliance with the law

At the core of Leonardo’s responsible business model are integrity and compliance with the law, which are the pillars of the company’s culture and the principles that guide relations with all stakeholders. These elements are organised in a control system that protects the value they create and are founded on a transparent approach that the Group has strengthened over time.

This structure is in line with international best practice and is based on a set of shared rules and internal codes, including the Charter of Values, the Code of Ethics, the Anti-corruption Code, the Human Rights Policy, plus the organisation, (link), management and control models developed in compliance with the laws applicable in each country where Leonardo operates.

Leonardo recognises the critical importance of these subjects and has identified short, medium and long-term objectives (link to objectives page) to consolidate its commitment to SDG 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), through a culture of integrity in the Group and in dialogue with stakeholders, developing actions that bring together businesses, institutions and civil society.

By joining the United Nations Global Compact, and specifically through its participation in the Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Action Plan since 2019, Leonardo is committed to improving and implementing the ten Principles related to human rights, labour, environment and the fight against corruption. In this context, the company has contributed to developing the SDG 16 Business Framework, a tool to promote the structural change of companies, reinforcing a culture of integrity.