Protecting the planet

Leonardo invests in innovation and research as core elements of its business, to develop increasingly advanced technologies and to contribute to the long-term wellbeing of both people and the planet, and in particular to protect the environment and mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Leonardo’s commitment to protecting the planet focuses on three main areas: fighting the climate crisis through decarbonisation; implementing solutions, including Earth monitoring and more efficient city management; and finally promoting circular economy models and action plans.


To accelerate its technological growth, Leonardo has developed infrastructure capable of multiplying the positive impact of its sustainability activities. These include the Leonardo Labs and the davinci-1 supercomputer, as well as investments in Digital Twin technology – the digital copy of a product or system that models its behaviour over time. This kind of technology offers opportunities for new applications not only in the aerospace, defence and security sector, but also for society and the planet as a whole in areas such as global monitoring, healthcare, smart cities and multi-modal logistics.

Leonardo plays a leading role in the main aeronautical programmes to reduce climate and environmental impact:

Steering platforms towards the development of a new generation of more efficient and environmentally friendly regional aircraft and tiltrotors

As a partner on platforms to develop common Air Traffic Management (ATM) infrastructure aimed at optimising air traffic

Participating in leading Earth observation satellite programmes for environmental monitoring, management of humanitarian emergencies, climate change and civil security

Leonardo’s commitment to protecting the planet is reflected in the environmental monitoring of its production sites, the efficient use of resources, and internal employee initiatives (including training). Finally, the Group is promoting specific actions and implementing programmes to reduce the use of plastic and paper.



of employees in sites with ISO 14001 certified environmental management sytems (72% in 2019)



of electricity purchased from renewable sources*



CO2e tons annual savings thanks to the full potential LED lighting programme by 2025



hours of training in environmental, health and safety (HSE) issues

2022 DATA

This commitment is further strengthened by the Group’s Integrated Environment, Health and Safety Policy and its Energy Management Policy, both of which reflect Leonardo’s main goals for the protection of the environment and the planet:

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pursue sustainable use of energy and natural resources, to lessen the environmental impact of production sites and offices

To prevent pollution and waste by minimising waste production and supporting recycling or reuse

To assess the environmental risks associated with business activities through the management standards adopted

To disseminate and promote environmental sustainability through raising awareness, knowledge sharing and training

In line with this policy, Leonardo:

  • considers environmental aspects right from the design stage of new products and services, and uses materials and technological solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, limit the use of harmful substances and make the use of materials more efficient by encouraging recycling and reuse
  • promotes green mobility and green logistics by installing electric charging stations at its plants, favouring hybrid/electric cars in the company fleet, and promoting the use of more sustainable modes of transport
  • verifies environmental considerations and any risks through specific due diligence measures during extraordinary operations and/or acquisitions
  • applies the latest health, safety and hygiene technologies and regulations, ensuring its workplaces comply with the highest standards and promoteing responsible behaviour among all employees
  • assesses suppliers in terms of their environmental and social sustainability, to ensure the entire supply chain complies with the principles and commitments set out in the Integrated Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Love Planet Earth: technologies from Space

We started out with the splendid satellite photos from the Telespazio and e-GEOS “Love Planet Earth” 2021 calendar, combined with National Geographic Italia photographs, to remind us, along with interviews with the experts from e-GEOS, of the central role played by sophisticated global monitoring technologies in observing and caring for our planet.

Each month during 2021, we will conduct a special interview taking an in-depth look at the solutions Leonardo has developed for monitoring and observing our planet, and how they represent a strategic asset for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the UN’s 2030 Agenda. 

Satellite data gives us an invaluable set of information for a variety of areas including monitoring of the environment and of natural resources, of our historic and artistic heritage, and of infrastructure and precision agriculture. 
Technology at the service of the planet: a fascinating theme worth exploring together!