Leonardo Group Purchases

Leonardo purchases a wide range of products and services every year to support its production processes and continued growth in national and international markets through a sound relationship with suppliers.

In organising its Procurement & Supply Chain, the Procurement Units of the various Divisions oversee the entire procurement process for the Leonardo Group’s core product categories, focusing particularly on their respective business areas.

Leonardo Global Solutions is a Leonardo service provider whose role is to optimise the management of non-business-critical services for the entire Group. It is also entrusted with the centralised management of the procurement of indirect and standardised product categories. To contribute to the definition of common Supply Chain processes and operating procedures across the Group, Leonardo Global Solutions also handles the development, implementation, management and control of all centralised procurement support services.

What Leonardo purchases:

Direct production materials

  • Metallic, chemical and composite raw materials
  • Components and spare parts
  • Equipment
  • Structures

Services supporting the production process

  • Plants
  • Tools
  • Machinery
  • Maintenance services
  • Utilities

Satellite systems

  • Components for satellites
  • Sensors 
  • Antennas

Indirect materials and services, and personal services

  • Catering
  • Health and Environment
  • Real Estate
  • Facilities
  • Logistics and Transport Services


  • Telecommunications
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • IT Services