Our collaboration with the Thai government in the aerospace and defense sector dates back over 30 years, supplying advanced technologies for safety and security.

We are committed to expanding our partnerships

We are committed to expanding our partnerships

We are a preferred partner of the government and of various Thai institutions, and have supplied civilian and military helicopters, air defence radars, digital communication systems and radar solutions for civilian airports.

Where we are



Mr Roy Pilkington as CCO Regional Representative


Mr Guilio Volpato as the Helicopter Division Representative


Main products in the country

Defense electronics

We are the market leader in digitising programmes where we integrate sensors, optronic products and systems installed on platforms that, together with the C4I applications, produce integrated, modern solutions.


For the civilian market, we have offered the country support since the 1970s, especially for the supply of air traffic control systems.

Naval and ground systems

We collaborate closely with the Royal Thai Navy and the Royal Thai Army with weapon systems installed on board ships and land vehicles.