Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity as a Value

Diversity and inclusion have contributed to building our identity and culture, giving shape to what we are today: a company with a commercial presence in more than 150 countries, with over 53,000 employees, committed to fostering a work environment in which everyone can truly thrive and reach their full potential. In line with this commitment, the Group can count on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager, to promote a culture of respect for diversity and protect the well-being of our people.

Leonardo recognises the critical role an inclusive and diverse workforce has in creating opportunities for the Group’s competitiveness, innovation and sustainable growth.

We actively celebrate diversity and promote the principles of equity and inclusion, whilst working to remove and prevent all forms of direct or indirect discrimination in all areas of the working relationship, in both business relations and our internal community.  

Our Recognition and Commitment


    Recognised with the UK MoD’s Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award for its work supporting Reservists and the Armed Forces


    Leonardo is in the list of top 100 Great British Employers of Veterans, which showcases the leading Forces-friendly employers in the UK and what they offer to military veterans.


    A certification acknowledging the ongoing focus towards employees with disabilities.


    A programme aimed at recruiting STEM Returners after they have had time out of the workplace due to personal or familiar issues.


    In the UK, Leonardo collaborates with the Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE-UK) with the goal of attracting talent from different ethnic backgrounds.


    In the United States, Leonardo is committed to working with schools and universities with a high percentage of African-American students.


    A training course aimed at Italian employees that is dedicated to strengthening and building upon parenting skills in the workplace.



    An international development programme designed to empower all female colleagues in the company by enhancing their professional competencies and reinforcing their skills.


Our Targets

Our Targets

In line with our sustainable business model, which places people at the centre, we have set concrete, measurable targets for diversity, equity and inclusion. In support of this commitment in its long-term Remuneration Policy for the CEO and Top Management, Leonardo has introduced targets for hiring women with STEM backgrounds.

Under 30 equal to at least 40% of total new hires


Women equal to at least 32% of total new hires

In progress**

Women equal to 30% of total new hires in STEM areas

In progress**

20% female representation at management levels

In progress**

20% female representation among all employees

In progress**

27% female representation in succession plans

In progress**


  * Target year 2022
 **Target year 2025



Our Initiatives

In line with these targets and with Leonardo’s Sustainability Plan, the company has developed various initiatives involving all levels in its corporate structure. These include:

Mentorship and Coaching

Mentorship and Coaching

Programmes aimed at supporting women and their career paths, strengthening leadership skills for growth in order to support career progression.

Culture of inclusiveness

Culture of inclusiveness

Education aimed at combatting prejudices and bias, as well as a selection of courses offered to employees on an ongoing basis to focus on gender inclusiveness and overcoming unconscious stereotyping.

Female leadership

Female leadership

International programmes reinforcing female leadership and empowerment through listening, dialogue and discussion.

Female Role Models

Female Role Models

Projects to enhance women with STEM profiles as role models to inspire new generations.

We promote a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion also through the introduction of new ‘ways of working’ models that encourage better work-life balance and increase flexibility for our employees. We have also considered our training and introduced inclusive recruitment learning for our hiring managers.

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