Growing with Leonardo

Evolving day by day

Leveraging the opportunities and challenges offered by innovation is the first step towards finding one’s way around in a sector that is constantly evolving and changing, such as the high-tech industry. It is with this spirit that Leonardo seeks and focuses on the best technical and managerial skills, to consolidate its role as an accelerator of technological evolution and progress in the countries in which the Group operates.

This is why Leonardo’s people, as soon as they join the company, are offered opportunities to learn and make the most of their talents that are customised on the basis of their role, department, and professional area, with international paths for development and internal mobility, through innovative technological tools.

Leonardo promotes a distinctive, shared corporate culture centring around custom-designed change management processes. The Group aims to evolve its work environments towards models increasingly focused on flexibility, sustainability, equity and inclusiveness.



Joining Leonardo means starting to challenge oneself right away.

As soon as they join the company, new hires are involved in initiatives that promote familiarisation with the Group, its various lines of business, and the characteristics of its key sectors.

Individual and group programmes, online and in-presence, offer opportunities to network with colleagues from all over the world and learn more about Leonardo’s corporate culture and values.

Continuous Learning &

More than 4,600 training programmes are available to everyone in Leonardo, accessible anywhere, anytime, via the Coursera e-learning platform. A vast course catalogue, offered by prestigious universities and advanced high-tech companies, provides in-depth personal and professional knowledge, in a process of constantly enriching one’s CV through certifications of the newly acquired skills.

Leonardo has always believed in the value of training, and is the first company in Italy to offer such a comprehensive know-how. Every year, an average of over 90,000 hours of training are provided via the platform.

As a multicultural international group, Leonardo believes that investing in language skills signifies improving the Group’s competitiveness and collaboration. This is accomplished through an e-learning platform that offers Leonardo’s people an opportunity to learn as many as 12 languages, as well as programmes specifically tailored to different professional skills.

Continuous Learning & Self-Development

Technical/Vocational Training

Technical/Vocational Training

The vast training programme catalogue includes numerous learning opportunities customised to suit the employee’s specific role, department and professional area.

Updating employees’ technical and soft skills allows them to efficiently navigate Leonardo’s different business sectors.

Digitally managed training programmes are integrated to ensure constant dialogue with management about the results achieved and aspirations for future growth.

Managerial Training

Leonardo believes in its managers’ ability to inspire and motivate people, supporting their growth and career aspirations in a climate of collaboration and trust with an orientation towards excellence. This is why the company offers customised development programmes for all management levels, designed in partnership with top universities and business schools.

The goal is to provide the tools needed to address current strategic challenges and reinforce the set of skills, values and behaviours that compose Leonardo’s corporate culture.

Managerial Training

Leonardo Labs and Leonardo Academies

Leonardo Labs and
Leonardo Academies

To ensure the ongoing evolution of skills and encourage long-term sustainable growth, Leonardo has developed two open innovation formulas combining the excellence of the Group’s in-house expertise with external specialists.

Leonardo Labs are technological research and development hubs interconnected with universities, polytechnic institutes, research centres and enterprises. Located nearby the Group’s major industrial sites in Italy and the United States, these facilities bring together young research fellows and PhD students from across the globe to work with Leonardo experts and technicians.

Leonardo Academies are advanced education centres that ensure the constant update of key skills in Leonardo’s business areas. In particular, the Cyber & Security Academy in Genoa (Italy) and the Aerotech Academy in Pomigliano d’Arco, near Naples, respond to the growing demand for advanced education in areas such as digital engineering, deep learning and artificial intelligence. The faculty includes external experts, as well as Leonardo’s top specialists and technicians.