Innovation Award

Discover the winners of the 15th edition

The Leonardo Innovation Award, marking its 15th edition in 2019, is one of the most eagerly-awaited events by company employees and students who are keen to explore the new frontiers of research and technology

This initiative, which Leonardo has been proudly supporting for many years, generates great interest not only within the Company but also among university students, graduates and undergraduates in STEM disciplines (Science, Technologies, Engineering, Mathematics), who have been invited to participate in this competition since 2015.

Since the first edition in 2004, the Innovation Award has involved over 30,000 Group employees and generated 10,000 innovative projects and patent proposals. The 2019 edition saw about 930 projects presented (more than 100 on the topic of artificial intelligence) by the employees, 27% more than in 2018, of which 45% were from the Company’s international employees

As far as the students category is concerned, in the 15th edition three prizes were awarded to the teams that presented the best projects during an "Innovathon" that took place in Rome on November 16th and 17th 2019. Discover more about the competition. 

Innovathon is a marathon of ideas, organised using the hackathon format, designed by Leonardo to stimulate the outside world through technological challenges to contribute to our innovation process, promote and implement creative solutions and glean inspiration for new products and services. 


The winners of the 15th edition


On 2 December 2019, at the Centro Congressi del Porto Antico in Genoa, the Innovation Award ceremony of Leonardo was held in the presence of the Company’s top management and representatives from institutions and the scientific world.
During the ceremony, the winners of this edition (the Group’s employees and the university students who took part in the Innovathon) were awarded. 

For more information read the press release.