Life at Leonardo

Inclusion and diversity

Leonardo offers a multicultural, international environment where everyone can bring their whole self to work and perform at their best. A culture of inclusion based on mutual respect helps to create a workplace that benefits from greater collaboration, innovation and opportunities for development.

19% Women 81% Men 53% 30-50 Years 11% <30 Years 36% >50 Years TOTAL EMPLOYEES
  • From 8.2% to 11.2% employees under 30 (+2,072)
  • From 15.1% to 18,7% women managers (managers and junior managers)
  • > 4,900 women recruited


Performance 2018-2022, baseline 2017

People survey

In Leonardo, the construction of a distinctive and multicultural identity is based on listening and on the continuous involvement of people, key elements in support of the integration and change processes of the Group. The listening and action model put in place makes it possible to identify the company’s strengths and areas for improvement and to launch targeted actions in response to the priorities for action that have emerged, verifying their effectiveness over time. 

Between 2022 and 2023, an anonymous survey was carried out to all employees worldwide, which confirmed their high level of engagement and their pride in working at Leonardo. Among the different areas covered, the survey assessed topics such as job satisfaction and motivation, wellbeing, flexibility and work-life balance. It also made it possible to analyse perceptions and expectations related to Leonardo's Employee Value Proposition (EVP), intended as the ability to offer an attractive and valuable work environment for Leonardo people.










response rate at Group level



level of agreement with the statement “I am proud to work for Leonardo”

Integrity and employees performance evaluation

Leonardo’s employee  evaluation process (Performance and Development Management - PDM) is carried out on an annual basis and includes the assessment of individual goals, as well as managerial and technical skills. The process strengthens the relationship of trust between team members and managers, promoting a culture based on constructive dialogue and continuous feedback with a view to improving and developing people. The PDM and the related incentive scheme (Management by Objectives, career progression) are based on the Leadership Model, which expresses in itself a series of sensitivities, attitudes and tools that each individual in the Group should have or acquire in his or her professional and personal background, and which also includes among its key competencies integrity in business.

Integrity in business means for all employees, at any organisational level, acting in an ethical manner, in line with the Company’s commitment to a zero-tolerance towards corruption. 

All bonuses and incentive schemes for all Leonardo employees must always be reasonable and proportionate to employees' salaries so as not to unduly encourage a "win at all costs" attitude among employees based upon disproportionately large financial incentives for success.

Leonardo and the Group Companies do not penalize any employee for losing a competition or not achieving his/her sales target, if such loss of business is a consequence of the employee’s compliance with Leonardo’s Anti-corruption Management System and Code of Ethics. 

In addition to other penalties for failure to comply with Leonardo's Anti-Corruption Code and Code of Ethics in performing his or her duties, an employee who violates these principles will be subject to the loss or claw-back of any incentive payment that the employee is eligible for or has received for the year in which the non-compliant behaviour occurred. 

Putting health and safety first

Leonardo safeguards its people’s health and safety through an Integrated Environment, Health and Safety Policy that covers employees, service providers and staff who travel on business (Travel Security). The policy implements management systems that comply with international standards, giving employees, contractors and service providers access to a wide range of awareness raising and training activities.



invested in health and safety

> 133,000 hours

of specialist training


of the workforce works on OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001 certified sites


Dedicated health helpdesk for people on business trips