Sustainability Governance

The Board of Directors supports the pursuit of sustainable value creation for our shareholders and stakeholders in the medium to long term. Material environmental, social and governance issues are included in the agenda of the Board of Directors, which discusses them periodically, at least annually.

The internal committees, in particular the Sustainability and Innovation Committee and the Control and Risk Committee, support the Board of Directors in defining the strategic guidelines on sustainability and in verifying the pursuit of sustainability objectives.

Internal Committees

The Chief Sustainability Officer, reporting directly to the CEO and General Manager, is responsible for defining the Group's sustainability strategy and the integration of sustainability issues along the entire value chain. ESG issues are the prerogative of all top management, whose incentive systems are connected to specific sustainability objectives.

Remuneration Policy

Sustainability Professional Family is made up of the managers of the different corporate areas, divisions and functions who define, implement and monitor the Sustainability Plan, ensuring consistency between the plan's objectives and executive activities.